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Welcome to Jeff Juices 3 day juice cleanse Challenge!

Reasons why this juice cleanse is awesome:

Easy to follow if you've never done a juice cleanse before! 

• Helps clean out all the mucus, acids, and toxins building up inside you!

• It's Cheap! $15 per day!

• It will keep you full!

• There are no gross tasting vegetables!

• It's mostly great tasting fruit!

• It's all RAW!

• All the cool kids are doing it!

I know when I first started juicing I was pretty lost at where to even start.  I tried to break this down super easy so all you have to do is go shopping, and make your juice!  This should take out all the hard work of researching so you can just get to chugging mother natures natural medicine and enjoying life!



Carrot • Apple Juice

Orange Juice

Watermelon Juice








($15.00 Per DAY)

CARROT/APPLE: (2) 16oz Jars


VALENCIA ORANGES:  (3) 16oz Jars


WATERMELON: (2) 16oz Jars



CARROTS: 8lbs = $7.00


GRANNY SMITH APPLES: 6lbs = $12.00   

VALENCIA ORANGES:  18lbs = $18.00


WATERMELON: 2 small ones = $8.00


Carrot/ Apple Juice


4 Carrots = 8oz

3 Apples = 8oz.


You want a ratio of 50:50. 16oz carrot juice, and 16 oz apple juice. This equates to approximately 8 carrots and 6 apples split into two jars for a total of 32oz each day. Wash but don't peel your carrots or apples. I prefer to use the Granny Smith apples but any apple works.

Orange Juice


4 Medium Oranges = 8oz


I like the Valencia oranges as this time of year they are very cheap, produce a lot of juice, and taste awesome. You will need roughly 24 medium oranges to make 3 Jars of OJ which is approximately 48oz each day. Please peel your oranges if using a standard juicer, or just use a citrus juicer.

Watermelon Juice


1/8 small melon = 8oz

You will need 1/2 of a small watermelon to make 32 oz of juice each day. you can send watermelon through the juicer with the rind and the seeds, its up to you to leave the rind in or take it out.


• If this is your first cleanse, you will have some bad cravings. Just make sure you always have juice prepared so you never end up getting hungry without juice.

• Use glass mason jars.

• If you can, do your best to use organic produce.

• With all this beneficial sugar, you might have a lot of energy. If you don't like the amount of energy you have, or want to slow down the detox a little bit, you can always swap some of the ingredients for less sugary items such as cucumbers, celery, or any leafy greens.

• You will not cure your bodies issues in 3 days. But you will jumpstart the healing and detoxifying process.

• Take it slow. Reversing the mental addicting to food takes time and effort. If you crack and end up eating, it's ok. Just continue on the next day with more juice. Changing food habits takes time.

• If you have symptoms that you normally don't have, it's most likely normal detox symptoms. I personally experienced things like headaches, severe cravings, coldness, skin break outs, bloating, tingling and numbness in my feet, and parasites and mucus purging. Detoxification does have symptoms. Not everyone is the same though, so some might feel epic, and some might not. 

Keep this in mind. If you have any issues with any part of a juice cleanse, or a juice diet, it is not the juices fault. It is your toxic and acidic body and all the years of damage you have done.  Healing takes time and detoxifying doesn't happen over night. Stay strong, have faith, and be happy you'r still alive! Mother Nature provides us with these beautiful foods to bring us back to life in times of pain.



Each day you will consume 7 16oz jars of juice for a total of 112oz each day. Some people may need more and some may need less depending on your individual needs and requirements. 

Each day will be the same.  Start your morning with a carrot/ apple juice and end your evening with a watermelon juice. I recommend alternating your juices and ending the day on the watermelon as it will be the easiest on digestion and will allow for a clean and smooth nights sleep. Allow at least an hour in between jars so your juice will digest.  If your not hungry, dont drink. You don't want to force this. The whole goal here is to give your digestion a break so it can start to cleanse and detoxify your body with nothing hard to digest hindering your bodies ability to heal. It's best to stop consuming any calories at least a couple hours before you go to sleep so your body doesn't have to spend time digesting while you are sleeping.

Please share your photos and videos on Instagram and tag @JEFFJUICES

Let's spread the word to our friends and family and help each other get on track to get healthy!

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