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Plant-Based Doctors


Robert Morse, N.D., D.Sc., M.H.

This is the dude! The ultimate healer.  Robert Morse is the ultimate fruigivore and one of the most prevalent healers on the planet. He is the founder of a naturopathic clinic, an herb pharmacy, and a school of detoxification. Dr. Morse was a protégé of the late Dr. Bernard Jensen, the founder of the science of Iridology, and a great advocate of raw food. He also has an epic youtube channel with over a thousand videos on how to heal almost every single bodily issue. He is my absolute favorite healer who is still alive today. His youtube channel is here:


DR. Max Gerson MD

Invented the Gerson therapy and has left an incredible dent in the world healing thousands through natural healing.  His book: A Cancer Therapy: Results of 50 Cases.


T. Colin Campbell, PhD

His book; The China Study is one of the worlds most important books  linking nutrition to disease.  Him and his son are doing great things pushing for government to acknowledge the facts.


 John McDougall, MD

I don't completely agree with all of his theories on cooked starches, but he is one of the biggest leading doctors with an incredible amount of research on how to reverse disease and how populations can live very very long being healthy on a vegan diet.  He speaks about the use of starch being the staple in diet instead of meat.  His site here:


Joel Fuhrman, MD

He wrote a book called Eat to Live that is about reversing Diabetes. He is all about eating nutrient rich foods with an emphasis on raw fruits and vegetables. His site:


This woman is a badass.  She does a weekly newsletter and also a weekly video with lots of research on a different topic each week. She co- wrote Food Over Medicine. Her Website and youtube channel are both epic with tons of good insight:

Youtube Website:

Dr. Pam Popper


He has done long-term studies on heart disease, helping his patients to overcome heart disease through diet and lifestyle and has done a ton of research on plant based eating.

His book: Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease

Caldwell Esselstyn, MD

Vax - Experts


This might be shocking to some but Robert Kennedy Jr. is a big advocate in speaking out about Vaccines. He is making moves in trying to get Vaccines to be properly tested before being injected into children. He clearly states that vaccines are not tested, not studied, and COULD be linked to all the current world diseases. Here is just one video of him talking about Thimerosal. Robert Kennedy Jr. Sued the US government over vaccine safety and won. Check it here.

Robert Kennedy Jr..


Del is a producer and director and is an absolute boss and one of the best and most progressive people right now talking about getting to to truth about vaccines and how they are linked to ALL current modern day diseases. His work specifically on the link between Autism and the MMR Vaccine in the film Vaxxed is incredible. He also runs a talkshow called The Highwire  that is shedding light on how incredibly detrimental vaccines are to the human population. 

Del BigTree

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