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Guided Private

My goal is to help you achieve your highest level of health using the incredible tools of Regenerative Detoxification.


Custom lifestyle + Health coaching

and detox protocols

Regaining your health the right way can be quite difficult to do alone and can be hard to figure out exactly where to start. Asking for help is ok! Thats where I come in. I'm here to help guide you and teach you the tools you need to regenerate your own body, and reverse your own health conditions, with the help of the amazing fruits, vegetables, herbs and many other tools we have to bring our bodies back to amazing and epic health.

What You Get


•  Overall Health assessment Via Skype or in-person to address where you stand and how to bring you back to health and happiness.


•  Each plan comes with custom health and meal plan and a full detox protocol based on your individual health conditions designed to work around your schedule and your lifestyle.


•  Weekly check-ins to discuss your progress and make any updates or adjustments on protocol.


•  Unlimited daily text messages for additional   support

Packages & Pricing

1.5 Hour Skype Call - $169



1 Month Plan

Initial 1.5 Hour Skype Consultation + 

(3) 45min Skype calls, once per week

Custom Detox Protocol




3 Month Plan

Initial 1 Hour Skype Consultation + 

(11) 45min Skype calls, once per week

Custom Detox Protocol





Our Skype phone calls can be about your detoxing on a physical, spiritual & emotional level, transitional diet guidance, fasting, recipe help for any stage in your journey cooked or raw, guidance on enemas, practicing meditation and deep breathing, and continued help adjusting them to your current needs, plus many more! I will help you in any way I can to have the highest quality of health you can have!

If you are interested in regaining your health, and are interested in support and guidance through your journey, please contact me to evaluate if this is the right fit for you.

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