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Nobody wants to spend their entire day in the kitchen making juice. Here are some tips to help you become more efficient so you can get the most out of your juicer and spend more time out in the world enjoying life. 

Make this dummy proof. Juice in the morning and get in a routine.

•  If you can afford it, get a slow juicer, it will save you money in the long run and will make your juice a lot more nutritious and tasty.



•  Organic, Organic Organic! I can't stress enough the importance of using organic produce. The whole point of juicing is to counteract all the antibiotics, pesticides, and toxins in all the other dead and cooked food you eat.  Juicing organic is the only way to go.  With that said... If all you can afford is regular non-organic produce, juicing will be a heck of a lot better then drinking a soda. 


•  Cut your greens into 1/8inch pieces. Greens like celery, chard, lettuce, kale, and anything that has long fibers need to be chopped so they don’t cause your juicer to seize.



•  Alternate your fruits and vegetables. 



•  Alternate soft and hard items.


•  Use Vacuum sealed mason jars to store your juice for the day if you do not plan to drink them immediately.

•  Purchase some large cotton towels to wrap your veggies in.  Your greens can last at least a week if you wrap them in wet towels or paper towels. I like to wash and prep everything at the beginning of the week and divide everything into a large towel of greens for the day. That way in the morning I just have to pull out my goods and start juicing. 


•  Give your juicer a good cleaning once a week with baking soda, or oxyclean. It will make your juicer last a lot longer.


Juicing while traveling: 


•  Traveling is awesome. But it doesn't mean you have to eat unhealthy on the road.  It just makes it a little tougher.


•  Try to arrive a day early so you can get everything you need for the duration of your trip.


•  Getting a hotel with a kitchen is best. But if you can't get a kitchen any hotel room with a good sink will work. And if you can't get a hotel, just make sure you have access to a power outlet, and some water to wash up with!


•  Location scout grocery stores and farmers markets before you fly.  Apps like InstaCart are great for finding organic produce near you.  They will also allow you to order produce and get it delivered to wherever you need.


•  Farmers markets are the best option.  You can usually find where the farmers markets are each week buy using a simple google search.  Produce is usually a lot cheaper, more nutrient dense, and helps support the local community.


•  Invest in a good suitcase with roller wheels so you can bring it with you everywhere you go including to the airport.  You will most likely need to check this bag.


•  If you have a full day of traveling in the airport you can make all your juice ahead of time and bring it with you!   I usually make about 2 gallons of juice and put them in lightweight airtight 32oz water bottles and bring them with me as a carry on.  If you tell the TSA you have a health condition they will take your juice and run a separate test to make sure there are no explosives and you will be good to go.  I have never had a problem with this.  You must specify you have a health condition. Even if you don’t. You must say those words in order for them to let you through with your juice.  Remember to be polite and remain calm. 



Recommended Tools:

Heavy Butcher Knife, Large lightweight Cutting Board, scrub brush, Air Compressor for Jars, Lightweight foldable water bottles, soft cooler.  

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