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For The

Animals want to LIVe

- They are sentient beings. They feel emotions, can suffer, and their lives matter to them. 

People are animals too, so it should come as no surprise that, like us, other animals can experience pleasure and joy, despair and fear, and a host of other emotions too. And like us, animals want to eat, live and raise their young without being harmed. But the mass production of animals harms them in more ways than we often acknowledge.

Farmed Animals Have Feelings

We’re taught to think of animals raised for food as items designed for our consumption.  Things. Products.  Packages.  The patty in between the buns.  But farmed animals are individuals with unique personalities and emotions, just like cats and dogs.  They feel joy, affection, and pleasure, as well as fear, grief, and pain.  Like us, they form deep friendships and emotional bonds and like us they seek to preserve their lives, which they cherish.

Do You Love Animals?

Animals are a consistent part of human life.  We share our homes with them, we feed them, bathe them and sometimes even share our bed with them.  We consider them members of our family and mourn their deaths for many years to come.  They may not be able to speak our language but they still communicate with us in a loving way.  Humans often turn to them for emotional support in times of need.  Yet, for other animals, we slit their throats and stick our forks into their flesh and wear their skin as clothing.  The only difference between a baby calf and a puppy is our perception.  Go vegan because you love animals.

more then 6 million animals are killed for food every hour

There are No Humane Ways to Slaughter an Animal

Regardless of how the chicken, pig, cow or fish was raised, weather it was grass fed, organic, cage free, or wild caught....  At the end of the day the mass majority animals for food consumption get put into an assembly line.  Some are stunned or shocked. But most have their throats slit open, dripping blood, until they bleed to death. 

Cage Free?

Most chickens raised cage free or free range never see daylight once in their lives.  They are barely given enough space to stand, and rarely have enough space to spread their wings or move around.  Cage free chickens actually have more diseases then caged chickens!  They walk in each others fecies and walk on other dead chickens who are sometimes left rotting for months before they are ever cleaned up.  This is what a decent "legally" free range chicken farm looks like:

The Haulocaust We Have Put Animals Through is the Greatest Tragedy of All Time.

If viewing these images does not make your mouth water, then maybe you were not designed to eat meat.

Pigs Rival Human Toddlers In Intelligence 

A 2015 study by researchers at Emory University discovered that pigs are smarter than dogs and can solve problems just as well as chimpanzees.  Thanks to their excellent long-term memories, pigs also tend to be skilled at puzzles and certain video games.  Pigs love to play and mock fight just like dogs, and they’re capable of learning from each other.  Pigs have even shown that they feel empathy and can comprehend a simple symbolic language.  IQ tests reveal that pigs are smarter than human toddlers, yet the average meat-eating American will eat 27 pigs in their lifetime.  Be proud that you’re not one of those people.

The Greatest Speech Ever

There are so many reasons to stop eating animals it is unfathomable.  If you are interested in learning more about why killing, torturing, and slaughtering trillions of animals is unnecessary and downright cruel, please watch this video.  It explains every single reason why humans should not eat animals.  
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