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Humans are Frugivores  

- We're designed to eat mostly fruit

There is so much incredible evidence that proves this.  No other species on the planet gets diseases like heart disease, diabetes, cancer, auto-immune diseases and a long list of others when they eat the diet that was built for their species.

Humans originated in the Tropics

Let's just start with the simple fact that humans originated in the tropics. It's where we thrive.  We were born in our natural habitat of a warm environment near the equator.  We were born naked, natural and free.  We had everything we needed to thrive and live disease free.  No other species needs clothing to keep warm, cooks their food, drinks the milk from another species, or vaccinates themselves to stay healthy and thrive. 

Designed By Nature

Whatever you want to call it based on your religious beliefs…. “The Creator, God, Allah, The Sun, The Infinite Spirit”… designed nature to work and maintain itself in a perfect balance of harmony. Each species has its environment and diet that it needs to thrive and live well.

Long Digestive Tract

The human digestive system was not designed to eat meat.  Animals who were designed to eat meat have 1-2 different stomaches,  ten times the amount of stomach acid to break down the protein, and an intestinal tract 1/8th the length of ours.  The human intestinal tract is designed long, so we can digest the fibers from fruits and some herbs. When animal protein gets to the end of our intestinal tract it starts to putrefy and rancidify, and creates toxic gases that eventually lead to acidity in the blood, which then leads to a whole host of issues and dis-eases.

Humans Instinctively Crave Fruit

Humans are the most biologically advanced species on earth. Fruit is the most advanced part of a plant. Have you ever met someone who doesn’t like fruit? I haven’t.  Humans instinctively crave fruit.  Put a strawberry and a slab of steak in front of a baby and see which one it will choose.  100% of the time it will choose the fruit.

Our DNA Tells Us What to Eat

Fruit is colorful. It immediately grabs our attention in nature. Fruit is Sweet.  This is a clue to us so we know to eat it. Fruit has an appealing aroma. All species have a built in instinct in their DNA to tell them what to eat and how to live.

We are Designed to Spread the Seed of Fruits

Fruit Trees want to spread their seeds.  Their seeds are built inside of the sweetest part of the plant so they will attract the species designed to eat it so we can consume it, defecate out the seeds, and then the tree will be able to reproduce.  All living organisms on earth want to reproduce.

Fruit is the Easiest Food to Digest 

Fruit is the easiest food for humans to digest.  Which should right there, tip us off that we are biologically designed to eat it. It is full of sugar, not processed sugar, but the perfect sugar that is needed for the human body to run efficiently.  Later I will debunk the Myth that sugar feeds cancer, and causes Diabetes.  Just because we are able to digest other foods, does not make us fit for their consumption. Omnivores are designed to eat everything. Humans can eat meat, but we are not designed to, which means we are not true carnivores or omnivores.

U.S. #1 biggest Killer Caused by Animal Consumption

The #1 killer of humans in America is heart disease. Heart disease is 100% preventable, and reversible. Heart disease is heavily influenced by saturated fat, trans fat and cholesterol, which is only found in animal products.  If the biggest killer of man, only comes from eating animals then were we really designed to eat animals?  How come no other carnivores get heart disease?

We are Appalled by Animal Flesh

Humans are not attracted to meat unless we disguise it.  Bake, boil, fry, breading, sauces, batters. Does your mouth water when you see or smell dead animal flesh, bloody and hanging out of the body of an animal?  We instinctively are appalled by this.  Maybe that is a sign. We have been taught to eat meat. It is not built in our design. 

Humans are attracted to Fruit!

I have to say this again.  Every species is attracted to their natural food in its raw form.

Would You Eat Your Dog or Cat?

Does your mouth water when you look at your dog?  Your rabbit?  Your goldfish?  Your cat?  NO.

We Have Been Taught to Eat Meat

Cows, Chickens, Pigs and Fish are all conscious beings that do not want to die. Much like the animals we keep as pets.  Pigs are intellectually smarter than cats and dogs.  Yet, we don’t bat an eye at eating “Bacon”.  Chickens are extremely intelligent, caring and complex, yet we eat Chick-Filet sandwiches and chicken nuggets like it is our birthright.  You would never eat the shoulder of your pet golden retriever, or the belly of your cat.  We have been taught to eat meat through generations and generations of tradition.  Just because something is a tradition, does not make it right.   Some countries still castrate women so they feel no pleasure. It is their tradition.  Does that make it right?   Slavery was around for thousands of years.  It was tradition.  Does that make it right?  There are lots of things that are not morally sound, but are tradition.  We are evolving and learning from our mistakes.  Eating animals is no different. The world is waking up and Veganism is catching on.  Humans were not designed to be carnivores.

We Have Been Lied To About the Effects of Animal Consumption on our Health

Much like the tobacco industry, the meat, fish, egg and dairy industry have a lot of money invested in the success of their products.  Before 1912 lung cancer was very rare.  What changed?  The marketing and sales of the cigarette industry sky rocketed!  People started smoking like chimneys and they were being told it was good for them.  Brilliant marketing.  By the 1950’s it had finally come out that cigarettes were the direct link to lung cancer, yet the tobacco industry was still lobbying congress, funding fake research to swing their way, and paying doctors to advertise how great their products were. They did this for almost 50 more years covering the damage their product was doing to humans.  90 years later they were finally forced to put a label on their package indicating their products cause cancer.  This is all from the help of activists and whistle blowers who rose up and fought for truth after discovering the corruption going on.  The same thing is happening in so many other industries around the world, including animal agriculture.  All of the laws, the food charts, research, education, and marketing that animal products are good for humans, are all very corrupt, and funded by the industry itself.  Thats right.  The exact same as the cigarette industry.  But guess what?  It's coming out!  People are waking up and sharing the information.  This year the CDC (Center for Disease Control) finally published on their website that Processed Meat is now categorized as a Class 1 Carcinogen.  Which means (it causes cancer). Guess what else is a Class 1 Carcinogen?  Tobacco!  Hopefully it doesn’t take 100 more years for this to become public knowledge. Humanity cannot wait that long.
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