Growth and Evolution are two of the most important traits I believe a human can strive for.  In order to grow you need to fail and within failure comes clarity and success.

I started in hopes to share my personal story and journey of healing, and spread information I come across that might help others achieve wellness.  

Over the last 100 years our way of life has gotten better, easier, and more efficient. However, for some reason the rate of death, illness, and disease has gone up at an epidemic rate.  Heart Disease, Cancer, Diabetes, Obesity and Autoimmune Disease like Crohn's Disease are some of the worlds biggest killers.  These killers have only become substantial over the last 50-100 years.  What has changed you might ask?


Food, Vaccines, Environmental Toxins!



    Degenerative Diseases are Treatable and Reversible Through Diet

    I have had 4 friends die of Cancer this year, have learned that many of my friends suffer from some sort of auto immune issue similar to myself, and have found out that so many of my friends parents or people they know have type 2 Diabetes. None of them were aware that type 2 Diabetes can be reversed in a matter of weeks through a plant based diet.  Not only is this wrong to not be telling patients, but it should be illegal to suppress this information.  Most doctors simply do not know this stuff.  Doctors are great people, and they mean well.  They simply are just not taught this kind of stuff in school.  This is not coincidence they don't know this. Our current medical and educational system is in part funded by huge companies that make Billions of dollars in the sales of pharmaceuticals.  So obviously curing disease with diet is not going to be something they want the public to know about.  I have talked to so many people now that have healed themselves from all sorts of issues simply by changing their food to plant based and as raw as possible.  Sickness is not normal and disease is not inevitable.


    Currently medical doctors only get, on average, 28 hours of nutritional education in college.  They're current system for healthcare is you tell them a symptom, and they prescribe you a medicine, not addressing the root cause of your illness.  Considering the fact that most of the current degenerative diseases and sicknesses are preventable by diet alone, this system seems to be pretty flawed.  I don't know about you but that really pisses me off.  The more that people are at least aware of the problem, the closer we can get to achieving the best and healthiest way of life.  Current movies, websites, books, and educational systems are insanely boring, completely corrupt, and not entertaining.  I hope to help in some way make a dent on one of those areas.  


    If we can change what our youth is learning, then maybe, over the corse of time, we can slowly make a change and a revolution can be born.  There is a huge awakening currently going on when it comes to food and plant based diets, vaccines, and toxins being poured into the earth.  Humanity is slowly becoming sick and diseased at an insane rate. We need to relearn how to eat a long lasting diet that will make our DNA stronger, not weaker.  Animal products, processed sugars and concentrated fat oils, especially once cooked, cause mucous forming plaque that rots inside the gut releasing toxins, and causing the breakdown of our cellular structure turning our body into an acidic place that promotes the growth of degenerative and cancerous cells.  This alone is the major cause of most diseases.   Not only this but if we continue farming for beef and fish at the rate we are going we will not have a planet to live on much longer.  

    This information was really hard for me to stomach at first.  As I love cheese burgers and chicken wings more then most people.  I started to research and read case study after case study and listen to countless doctors who have spent a large majority of their life collecting the data that proves this. Hearing stories from whistleblowers who used to work for huge corporations coming forward and sharing their stories of corruption and coverup..    I could no longer sit back and ignore this and not try to make a difference in the world.

    Every major change that has ever happened in the world started grass roots style and caught on like wild fire.  Im going to say it outright.  The current healthcare, food system, educational system, and most importantly Industry controlled world government is so corrupt it is unfathomable.  If we all start talking about it, the issues, the ideas to correct them, and connect them together and expose the truth, then slowly by slowly we might change the way the world operates for the better.  Corporations want to make money. Plain and simple.  If we can do certain things that help to regulate corruption and also encourage these highly poisonous corporations to switch from making products that are killing us, to making products that are good for us, and still allow them to make a profit, I think thats a great thing.  How are we going to do that?  I have no idea.  Maybe through the spread of information via videos, photos, online blogs..... maybe we can all share our ideas and stories and figure something out!