The Ultimate Guide to Reversing Heart Disease

I am not a doctor, and this is not medical advice. This is simply what I would do, to get my body super healthy, free of disease like symptoms of any kind. 

Heart disease is caused by the build up of cholesterol and plaque in your arteries, predominantly from eating a life time of the wrong foods like animal products, milk, cheese, eggs, dairy, meat, fish, chicken. Also cooked oils, fried foods, and processed sugars help to cause blood sludging and the build up of crud inside your arteries. 

The goal is to reduce the inflammation in your body, and especially in your blood vessels, veins, and arteries which is where you are having symptoms of heart disease. If you are eating foods that add to the thickness of the blood vessel walls, then you will never reverse heart disease. So you have to start eating foods that will dissolve the plaque, the sludge, the cholesterol inside your arteries.  You will be returning to the natural diet of humans, as close as possible at least. Humans are natural Frugivores, we are closest in resemblance to the primate which eats mostly a fruit based diet. This diet not only reverses heart disease, but nearly every degenerative, food caused disease.

The ultimate goal, is to go on a high carbohydrate, low fat, plant based diet. Eating living foods, that have not been cooked or processed, will be the quickest way to reverse the damage.  While a mostly fruit based, high in fruit sugar diet will be the ultimate goal to reach, it can take some time to get there, over coming eating habits, and cravings can be difficult.