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The Great. Awakening

There are many reasons you have come to this page. Curiosity is probably at the top of the list. Two years ago I knew nothing about any of this. My health tanked, and I took a year off of work to study how to heal my body naturally. A lot of hours reading books, listening to seminars, podcasts, and medical journals, and listening to natural healers giving lectures.

At the same time I came across some very interesting information. An idea really. Something that took everything I thought I knew and flipped it upside down. What started as a journey trying to find what was going to happen to our global food supply if owned by Monsanto, turned into an uncovering of evil I never thought possible

Warning. If you are easily frightened, and are not open minded... This may not be for you. 


What I thought I knew about Politics, Education, Religion, Food, World History and War, and so much more literally changed overnight. What you are about to watch is an idea with a lot of facts and loads of research, done by people working anywhere from the upper government, to whistleblowers, to everyday people like you and me.

The reason I created this simple page is to have a place for people to go who are interested in finding truth, and may have never heard of Q. I encourage logical thinking, doing research, having an open mind, heart, and trying to find love in a place where you may not think you could ever find it.

Money breeds corruption... And the entire system of government that we were led to believe was working to make society, safe, healthy, happy and free..... well.... it wasn't... It was doing the opposite.

Keep in mind, I am not 100% sold on anything. Just a normal person trying to find truth in the world of lies. So this is just what I find to be interesting, and possible, and very much aligned with what is currently going on in the world.

Please watch these videos in order. If they intrigue, fascinate, and spark a deeper interest in your quest to find truth, then please feel free to follow along some of my sources which I have provided below. 


This is just the basics. It goes deep. Very Deep. But this should get you started. 

Q- The Plan to Save the world

Q- Killing the mockingbird

Now that You Have the Basics. This is where things get good

Part 1


Part 2

down the rabbit hole

Part 3 The alien invasion

Part 4 Child lovers eveyerwhere

Part 5

Children, art, and pizza

Due to youtube removing this video, to watch part 5 you will have to click here:

Part 6

Major Media Minipulation

Part 7 


Part 8 Beyond Kings and queens

Part 9

The dawn of a new world

Part 10

The return of the king

Is This making Sense yet?

Now, go and listen to Potus's First speech where he announces he is running for president. A lot different then the small sound bites that CNN puts out. Bone Chilling.

Our country, and world was being destroy without us even realizing it​

This is the importance of Q. Q is Intel. Q is a movement of informing the public of the crimes against humanity that were created by evil elites with total world domination in mind.

The following PDF is a basic introduction on Q Anon.

Q Anon: “Learn to Read the Map” A Cartography of the Globally Organized Corruption Networks: A Treasure Trove of Maps, Diagrams, Org Charts, and Family Trees


Where does this fit in with the Current Pandemic that is Happening?  Here is a very plausible possibility...

It is possible, that the white hat Patriots who are trying to restore justice and freedom to the world, are allowing the deep state to use this event, that they had planned for decades, to their advantage. By speeding up the inevitable, and keeping citizens safe, out of public, while they conduct military arrests on a grand scale.  Please visit Dr. Russell McGregor's theory here, and click SHOW THIS THREAD under the post:


drmcgreggor theory-1.jpg

If any of this sparks interest in you. I would encourage you to further your research. These are some of my favorite journalists and outlets that share information on a daily basis, on everything from connecting the dots of the Q drops, to reporting daily world events that you will not find on mainstream TV.  Here is a short list of some of my favorites:

Q-anon Message Board

X22 Report

Robert David Steele

Operation Disclosure

Public Intelligence Blog

And We Know

SGT Report

Operation Freedom

Candace Owens

Black Conservative Patriot

just to name a few.

Thank you for keeping an open mind, an open heart, and trying to find a way to operate out of love and not fear. I believe that our vote is still incredibly important, how we spend our dollar is huge, and what we spend our time doing to educate ourselves so something like this never happens again is monumental. A little bit of self education on world events goes a long way in re-uniting the world and bringing back true freedom. I encourage you to share this page, or any of these resources with anyone you might think would find this information interesting. All we can do is be aware and informed, and when the time is right come together to collectively make the right decision.

Thank you


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